AJ Solimine and Evan Tana

AJ Solimine

AJ is a former startup founder and CEO of a Series A devtools startup backed by Bessemer Venture Partners. He previously spent time early-stage investing for the family office of Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. His interest areas include cloud infrastructure, developer tools and decentralized protocols that facilitate the free flow of data.

AJ received his BA from Harvard University where he concentrated in economics and computer science.

Evan Tana

Evan is a former startup founder and CEO of a consumer mobile application backed by Greylock and acquired by Dropbox. He previously led product for Shopkick (acquired by SK Global) and was a founding team member at Loopt with Sam Altman. His interest areas include consumer applications, productivity startups, future of work, marketplaces and enterprise software.

Evan received his BS & MS from Stanford University with a degree in electrical engineering.