Dear Founders

Evan Tana — December 20, 2021

We love nurturing crazy ideas, building something from nothing, helping great people create remarkable things.

We’ve been fortunate to do all three for our entire careers as early stage founders and now investors. At Script, this is what fundamentally drives us and why we choose to partner with founders from day one. It’s at the earliest stages where we hope to help write your script.

We love nurturing crazy ideas.

We believe we’re living through the most exciting chapter in the evolution of the Internet. Powerful devices and applications superpower us in our work and personal lives. People connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Ideas and movements grow in a blink of an eye. Web3 primitives and philosophies are starting to redefine economic models, ownership norms and data sovereignty. And yet, in part due to the many imperfections from this rapid evolution, there is still so much to build - and it all starts with crazy ideas.

However, crazy ideas are too often dismissed. They’re seen as too early, too out there, too impossible. We aspire to see the future as you do, and we aim to gain conviction without needing to know that anyone other than you and us see it the same way. When that happens, we’re the first in your corner.

We love building something from nothing.

We never invest in you or your idea as it exists today. We invest in the potential of what you and your idea will become. What’s fun and maddening about the early stages are the unpredictable zigs & zags. We enjoy guiding founders through this proverbial maze, encouraging you to be unusually observant, hypotheses driven, fearless of failure and obsessed with forward momentum.

We love helping great people create remarkable things.

Doing great things requires focus. After helping 100+ companies, it became clear that founders too often get bogged down in undifferentiated workflows related to admin, operations, recruiting and fundraising. We decided early on that scaling knowledge and workflows would be at the core of how we help founders so you can focus on what matters most - building something people want.

Lastly, having founded multiple companies, we know starting a company isn’t for the faint of heart. The journey, while truly rewarding, is overly glamorized. Everyone focuses on the highs - the up and to the right charts, the jaw-dropping fundraises, the life-changing exits. What gets lost are the hours of product iteration, the quiet moments of existential strategic crisis, the gut-punching rejection from a candidate that you’ll encounter on the way to those glamorized highs. While we’ll proudly celebrate alongside you in those moments, we’re primarily motivated to be there for you in the hard moments.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you write your own script.

AJ & Evan

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