Webstack 2020

AJ SolimineAJ Solimine
June 8, 2020

While the cost to run a web application has plummeted over the last decade, the development and infrastructure stack has exploded in complexity.

This means that much of the cost savings in infrastructure have just been passed onto engineering salaries and increased development timelines. Even smaller engineering teams often require significant specialization in devops, infrastructure and front-end engineering.

What happened to the pure full-stack developer of the 2000’s? Zuckerberg armed with PHP/Apache serving hundreds of thousands of users before hiring significant engineering teams?

Fortunately, the API economy and data interoperability have begun to gain critical mass over the latter half of the 2010s, which is enabling entire suites of new innovative service providers at each layer of the application stack.

We believe that the proliferation of API services, coupled with componentized front-end frameworks and edge based CDN application delivery will drive a new wave of application development workflows and experiences that are cheaper, faster and more accessible than ever. Some questions and interest areas:

  • How can reusable view components drive consistency and portability of UX across websites & applications?
  • What types of open source frameworks can further accelerate application and schema / API development while reducing complexity?
  • How do we develop truly composable systems that promote data interoperability and help users and developers avoid vendor lock-in?
  • How do we reconcile identity and data ownership in systems that transcend single origin applications?

Core technologies: React Components, Vue Components, GraphQL, CRDTs, DIDs, JSON-LD

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