Millenials Grow Up

Evan TanaEvan Tana
April 1, 2020

Millennials grew up native to mobile, social networking, ubiquitous internet, eCommerce. As they grow older, their use of the services they used in their college years and twenties wanes as they become less “time rich” with new life priorities. However, their preference and expectations for convenience, connectivity and access are deeply ingrained.

As this population moves through later stages of life (marriage, homeownership, parenting), they will demand innovation in all of the categories that adults and parents spend time and money on in ways that their parents never did. There will be lots of opportunity to rethink some of these fundamental categories.

I’m excited to explore a handful of Millenials Grow Up opportunities:

What new services will Millennials demand as they grow into adulthood and parenthood? Which verticals that serve middle aged to senior people will be forced to reinvent themselves for a new generation with heightened expectations? Which core services are most apt to be disrupted due to structural changes to our economy and society? Some of the core services that come to mind are childcare, healthcare, banking, senior care, real estate, marriage and relationships, estate planning. If you’re thinking about how a generation is going to consume these services in the coming decades, let’s chat!

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