Investment Model

Founder Profile

Our founders are diverse in background and experience, but all of our founders share the following traits:

  • Are one-of-a-kind for their space because of their unique insight, life experience and passion.
  • Are ambitious builders who have satisfied a desire to build through creative side projects, extensive github repos with Open Source contributions, or past experiences at early stage ventures.
  • Are fast learners, because we do not evaluate solely on who you are today but who you’ll grow into.
  • We prefer founding teams of two, max three, that have technical chops.

How we work with founders

We’re a team of 2 partners — each partner will work with a maximum of 3-4 companies per year. Here’s what it’s like to work with us:

  • Use our data and tooling to supercharge your work
  • Access to our community for shared knowledge, templates, advice
  • Recurring meetings to discuss whatever is top of mind
  • Reach us anytime via group chat with AJ and Evan
  • Community events with our founders, mentor-partnership and friends of the fund

When the time comes, we catalyze your next fundraise. We refine your fundraising narrative and facilitate relationships with our downstream partners - sometimes that’s a $2-4M seed round, other times your progress might enable you to jump straight to a $10-20M Series A.


We partner with founders at the earliest stages of their journey. Sometimes you might just have an idea or a deck and are still working full-time at a larger company. Sometimes you might have a coded proof-of-concept or weekend project. Sometimes it’s more.

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and it’s aligned with our areas of interest, we’d love to chat.

Round size

We typically invest ~$750K as your lead investor and invite experienced founders and operators from our mentor network to co-invest alongside us in the round.

Once we have conviction in partnering with you, our aim is to get your round done within days so you can get back to building.


We fund teams at every corner of the earth. While we are based in the Bay Area, we do not believe it is necessarily the best place to start great companies. The cost of living and competition for talent can make the Bay Area a tough place. With that said, the ecosystem capital and experience here remains unparalleled. Partnering wih us lets you get started where it makes most sense, while still tapping into the support, experience and capital in the Bay Area.

Interest Areas

We are a thesis driven firm, which means your idea & vision need to align with a set of beliefs we have about how software will impact the world. Our theses will evolve over time and adapt to an ever changing world. We expect to update our our core theses every couple years.

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